Thursday, September 30, 2010

Upcoming Talks and Lectures at St. Vincent Ferrer

All talks take place at the Church of St. Vincent Ferrer
Lexington Avenue at East 66th St.

Dr. Paul C. Vitz, PhD 
Monday, November 15 @ 7pm

First Monday of every month @ 7pm in the Church Hall

The Threefold Body of Christ
The Natural Body Born of Mary
Oct 4: Biblical Teaching on the Body
Nov 1: Early Challenges and Confessions of the Church
Dec 6: Christ's Temptation, Suffering and Death

The Sacramental Body of the Eucharist
Jan 3: Biblical Teaching and the Early Church
Feb 7: The Doctrine of the Real Presence
Mar 7: The Real Sacrifice of the Mass

The Ecclesial Body of the Faithful
Apr 4: Biblical Teachings on the Church
May 2: The Mystical Body of Christ
Jun 6: The Worshiping, Sacramental Body

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